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Apple scab detector

Zdjęcie sygnalizatora

Apple scab detector avi-2001 is intended to detect periods of good atmospheric conditions to growth of apple scab (venturia inaequalis fungus). Like its predecessors manufactured by our company, AVI-21 and AVI-201 detectors, it works using Mills method.
History of avi-2001 begins in 1984 year when first prototype of AVI-21 detector was passed to study in The Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice. After two years of research AVI-21 was given certificate that is useful in detecting periods of conditions to growth of fungus. In 1986 the production of AVI-21 was started. Few years later AVI-201 was created. It was first detector with microcontroller which helped to growth of detection possibilites and ease of use.

avi-2001 is youngest model of apple scab detector manufactured in our company. It was completely redesigned. Thanks to use of graphical display and faster microprocessor it is possible to display graph of meteorological conditions directly in avi-2001 station. Display is bigger so there is possibility to print more details, make them more readable and increase ease of use.

avi-2001 station has two parts - one which is in house or other building (on photo) and set of sensors in orchard. Both parts are connected with wire. Maximum wire length is 300 meters. Set of sensors contains modern, digital sensor of temperature and humidity and two loaf wetness sensors. Optionaly there is possibility to connect precipitation measurement device to measure amount of precipitation.

In normal conditions (when loafs are dry) station doesn't require any attention. Display shows actual date and time, temperature and humidity or graph of last 40 hours of conditions. When it start raining the contents of display changes to show progress of fungus development. When there is possibility to apple scab infection there is information about strength of infection, and it's date. There is possibility to signal infection with internal buzzer. All displayed information about danger of infection need to be confirmed by user.
avi-2001 stores over 4 years of meteo conditions and user can view it graphicaly or in way which shows process of infection analysis. It shows date and time of precipitation start, when was danger of infection and/or why analysis was interrupted. Every precipitation is stored in memory. If there was no danger of infection stations gives information why analysis was interrupted. When precipitation measurement device is connected there is also information about amount of precipitation. It gives user knowledge about wash off of sprayed chemicals.

avi-2001 station can be connected to Personal Computer via USB interface. AVI-MET software can show all information in Windows. There is also possibility to print results.