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   Gas Analyser avi-gas
   Gas Analyser avi-gasmax
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   Gas Analyser avi-gas was designed to control of content of atmosphere in fruit or vegetable storages. Measured level of oxygen is 0-25% vol, and for Carbon Dioxide 0-10% vol. Analyser is equiped with long life electrochemical oxygen sensor and non dispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensor. Air from chamber is sucked with internal pump. Meter is powered with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Key features:
  • selective measurement of oxide and carbon dioxide,
  • result is not harmed by other gases,
  • automatic calibration of oxygen in atmospheric air,
  • very long life of carbon dioxide sensor - over 10 years,
  • long life of oxide sensor - 4 years,
  • large, readable display with backlight,
  • small dimensions and light weight,
  • operation without connection to electric network,
  • Polish, English or German user interface.
Technical specification
Measured range O2 0-25% vol.
CO2 0-10% vol.
Accuracy O2 5% of measured value +/- 1 digit
CO2 5% of measured value +/- 1 digit
(in 0-5% range)
Sensor O2 electrochemical
CO2 NDIR (infrared)
Measurement frequency about 1Hz
Power supply bulit-in rechargable battery 900mAh
Operating time up to 4 hours
Dimensions 270x106x43mm
Diameter of gas pipe 6mm
Temp of use od +5°C to +30°C
Air flow ~ 0.5 l/min